Your Story

A career is not a moment, it’s a story. It has a beginning, a middle and an end. It will change over time and it has no restrictions. It can be unpredictable, touching and fascinating. It can also be boring or scary. However, a good story always broadens your horizons and drives you forward.

We believe that everyone has an exciting story. And that sharing stories is profoundly important. Not just telling your own, but listening to those of others. Knowing each other’s stories helps us connect; to know each other better and to understand. To understand at what point you, either as an individual or as a company, are in your story, to understand your drive, your ambition, to understand you.

It is our core business to collect and match the right stories. We make sure that you remain on top of your own story, that you are in control. We also make sure we provide the most effective and efficient service. We know our candidates thoroughly and we always provide them with accurate company background information, job descriptions, cv services and career advice.

Join the Goedman Executive Search talent book. And we will help you to understand, develop and drive your story.


“Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the gound.” – Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919)